One of Only 6 Private Properties on Prevost Island

Property Location: Prevost Island is the largest undeveloped island of British Columbia’s Southern Gulf Islands. It is situated between Vancouver, Victoria, and the State of Washington’s San Juan Islands. Selby Cove is the 3rd of 4 protected bays on the northwest portion of Prevost Island. The five-plus acres are on the south side of Selby Cove at its head. First time offered for sale:  $1,208,000 CAD.

The property is:

    • 15 Minutes by Boat from Ganges on Salt Spring Island.
    • 30 Minutes by Boat from Sidney on Vancouver Island.
    • 45 Minutes by Boat from Roche Harbor on San Juan Island.
    • 25 Minutes by Float Plane from Vancouver.

Property Details:

  • Five-plus (2.07 ha.) beautiful waterfront acres with stunning views.
  • 1,000 feet of Prevost Island waterfront on Selby Cove.
  • Rare protected moorage in the Gulf Islands.
  • Prevost Island’s last building lot and only property for sale.
  • Includes excellent 6 GPM drilled well.
  • First time offered for sale:  $1,208,000.00 CAD.

 Property Description:

  • Faces north, with sunrise view to the east, sunsets to the west, and plenty of warm south sun.
  • Looks across Selby Cove to Gulf Islands National Marine Park.
  • Low-Bank end borders on Prevost Island Farm.
  • High-Bank end potential home sites offer awe-inspiring water and island views.
  • Property is level with gentle walking paths and roads.
  • Douglas Firs, Western Red Cedars, and Arbutus trees grace the property.
  • Peaceful and private.

Prevost Island:

  • Prevost Island is famous for protected moorage. Interesting sailboats and yachts anchor in Selby Cove every season.
  • Prevost Island owners build private docks for accessing their properties.
  • Prevost Island owners enjoy self-reliant off-grid living.
  • The Prevost Island Farm and the Gulf Islands National Park own the majority of the 2,000-acre island. Besides the farm and the national park, there are only 6 private properties, and this is the only property for sale on the entire island.

About the Owners:

The owners are dual US/Canadian citizens who have lived next to the 5 acres on Prevost Island for 30 years. Offering to sell the adjacent parcel has been a difficult decision; however circumstances have changed and they seek quiet and respectful buyers who appreciate peaceful beauty. “Although we are surrounded by Vancouver, Victoria, the Gulf Islands, and Washington State’s San Juan Islands, little changes on Prevost Island. It’s like living on a page from a simpler time; we enjoy self-reliant off-grid living, commuting by boat for mail and groceries, comparing experiences with other islanders who have learned to use solar and wind power and catch rain water for the house and garden. Candide had it right, nothing is better than making your garden grow; nothing sweeter than ripe fruit from your trees. And even though propane (producing the soft twinkling glow for our propane lights) is available for heat and cooking, arbutus and fir trees are abundant on the acreage for fire wood. We prefer the warmth and comfort of a wood fire. Chopping and stacking firewood warms us [more than] twice, keeps us fit.”

“With few neighbours you have the quiet privacy of your own thoughts while working on projects or walking across the island. Yet there is always something interesting to see: elegant yachts from Canada and the US drop anchor to take advantage of Prevost’s rare protected bays, famous among boaters; eagles fishing soar over Selby Cove; river otters slide down banks splashing in the water for fun. And having few people living nearby makes us welcome and appreciate our neighbours and visitors, many interesting conversations have gone into the night.”

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